African beaded jewelry is not just a piece of adornment. Beads are integral to the traditions of many tribes across the continent. They vary in material (bone, glass, seeds, shells and stones), their significance, color, size and their placement on the body or clothing. In most African tribes, beads embody beauty, tradition or culture, strength, marital status, age, power and warrior-hood. Each color bead represents a specific and significant aspect of their culture, may vary from tribe to tribe:
*Blue-color of the sky which provides water for the people, thus sustenance and energy
*Green-the land that produce food symbolizing nutritional needs for people and animals
*Red-the color of blood, symbolize danger, bravery, strength, challenges and unity
*Black-color of the people, symbolizes their daily hardships, harmony and solidarity
*White-portrays color of milk from cows which provide nourishment, symbolizes purity and good health
*Orange-color of gourds that store the milk which is shared with guests, as well as animal skin which are laid out a beds, symbolizes warmth, friendship, generosity and hospitality
*Yellow-color of the sun which nurtures the people, animals and grass, symbolize fertility and growth

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